So…this is it. The link to my site:


Well, the real one anyway. The grown up version of this blog, and I’m practically chewing a hole in my cheek from all of the unfamiliar terms, codes, references and designing the layout.

Its very much a work in progress, I just transferred a couple of posts from this page over to it and that’s pretty much the sum total of that site so far. Although I’m sure there is a much more seamless and productive way to do it and to link them, this is the process I know.

Its pretty much par for the course in my life that I will find it absolutely NECESSARY to make sporadic sojourns into almost any fork in the road I see. Its the same deep rooted compulsion that drives a number of my seemingly frivolous expenditures.

SEEMINGLY, thank you.

Usually at this point in undertaking such a daunting project, when I’m not immediately fantastic at it my frustrating gets the better of my pride and I’m apt to toss it aside in disgust. That is not going to happen with this however, because I relish the challenge that comes with putting the groundwork down for a dream.

Something I have dreamed about since I was very small that all started with a deep yearning to be heard.

To be listened to.

I don’t just want to create a space for my own individual rants and raves, I want to provide a soundboard for other peoples’ stories as well. To make opportunities for nameless faces to convey their personal stories on being affected by the stigma of mental illness and how we can change that for the future. I have elaborate dreams on what I hope to accomplish that is bolstered with every new stroke on this keyboard. I am just one person, but I know for every action there is a REaction. Just like a tiny pebble tossed in a pond can still reach the other side, just from the ripples.

I may not have been the first stone to break the surface of mental illness stigma, but I can still create the ripples.




About jacquelinecostlow

I believe in a persons' inherent right to be who they are without fear of judgement, recrimination or discrimination. By sharing my experiences I hope to add one more voice in aiding the fight to dispel myths of mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it. View all posts by jacquelinecostlow

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