Forgive my indecision..(Watch an unrelated VIDEO here!)

So I really thought I would start my other site, put a link on this page to it and just sort of stop posting new blogs here. Of course I envisioned myself basking in the glory of owning my personal domain (site? page? I’m not even familiar with the vernacular yet!)that I put together effortlessly in all its resplendent glory.

Creating a website is not as easy as I thought

After countless hours of edit, delete, EXPLETIVE, delete, delete, CTRL Z, CTRL Z, edit, edit, EXPLETIVE, I reasoned with myself that it was all in good form to continue blogging on this page while I puttered around on my own.

I want to veer off course abruptly here,

because that’s what I do.

I came across this video a number of years ago and was struck by the artistry in it. For those who struggle with mental illness, dissociative disorders particularly, being able to find an external representation of what it’s like during times of crisis and instability is nearly impossible. This truly gave me goosebumps.


About jacquelinecostlow

I believe in a persons' inherent right to be who they are without fear of judgement, recrimination or discrimination. By sharing my experiences I hope to add one more voice in aiding the fight to dispel myths of mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it. View all posts by jacquelinecostlow

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